Air Support Belt Conveyors Featured Image

Air Support Belt Conveyors



Longer Life

Smooth belt transition

Low Energy Consumption

Unique layout form, high overload capacity


Head Section

Head pulley with removable SOFR lagging provides wear resistant,oil resistant, flame retardant, antistatic properties.
Self-centering drum pulley.
PTFE infill shaft seal.

Through Section

Precision design ensure well-distributed and stable air flow.
Professional design of air chamber.
Manually adjustable baffle, ensures proper material flow.
Inspection door is on each feeding hopper.

Tail Section

Quick opening hood for easy maintenance.
PTFE infill shaft seal.

Fan-dust Control System

The fan, dust collector and conveyor are operated cyclically to make the air recycling in an enclosed environment.

Optional Accessories

Fiber optic tempering system

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