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Flat Bottom Reclaimers

Labor cost saving Fully-automated

Effectively dust control

First-in-first-out Avoid segregation


Hydraulic Track Drive

The track drive powers the reclaim auger into the stored material with a unique self-cleaning track shoe and sprocket assembly.

Hydraulic Advance

The hydraulic advance system procides the flexibility and sensitivity of adjustment to match advance speed with torque.

Greasable Reclaim Bearing

The track-drive systems feature a lubrication system allowing simplified maintenance from inside the hopper, even when the silo is under full load.

Accessible Hopper Design

The improved hopper increases accessibility and maximizes capacity. The Large-sized access door simplifies routine inspections and preventive maintenance.

Local Control Station

An intelligent control system, preprogrammed with all necessary internal logic, simplifies integration into main systems and gives local control if needed. An HMI(Human Machine Interface)screen displays status of operation and faults. Remote monitoring of all operations is available.

Center Dome

For free-flowing materials an optional center dome helps create mass flow and prevents segregation. The domes feature a hydraulic safety door to allow secure maintenance inside the dome.

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