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Mix-flow Process Dryers

GSS Mix-flow Process Dryers allow continuous and stable drying of grain without interruption, providing high output, which is suitable for large and medium-sized drying requirements. The dryers can be assembled with different sizes and quantities of drying and cooling sections depending on the variety and moisture of the grain. By alternating cycles of hot and cold air, grain can be dried to a uniform moisture level from intake to discharge while meeting the technical standards.

The conveyor at the bottom of the dryer operates in both directions. When operation starts, the drying cycle is maintained internally until the first silo dries the grain to the set moisture level. After the dried grain flows to the drying silo, the pre-drying silo continuously feeds the dryer, so as to make the dryer work continuously.

-For: wheat, rapeseed, sunflower seed, corn, rice, sorghum, grain and etc.

Low Temperature

Low temperature technology effective protection for grain quality and reduced stress of the grain. The operator can adjust the temperature of the dryer according to the different requirements of the grain being dried.

Automation & Intelligence Processing

PLC control system allows for flexible control of dryer operation with parameters fully displayed on HMI touchscreen. Step-less discharge speed adjustment.

Low Drying Cost

The GSS Dryer is designed with multi-fuel availablity, such as steam, natural gas, oil, and biomass. Up to 90% of the hot air generated can be recirculated for grain drying, resulting in reduced drying costs.


Hot Air Chamber

The hot air chamber is equipped with guiding, turning and distributing plates, providing homogeneous air distribution.

Waterproof Design

Waterproof design for top cover, grain storage section, drying section, cooling section and flange to ensure safe and stable operation.

Pentagonal Air Duct

Pentagonal air duct with the variable cross-section structure, results in stable and uniform wind speed and excellent drying quality.

Six-impeller Discharge Device

Six-impeller discharge device prevents material crushing or residue.

Discharge Auger

Sampling point is set up at the discharge auger, making it convenient to take samples and test the moisture of the dried grain.

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