Service & Support

We provide professional consulting services, detailed design solutions, one-stop supply and installation, and end-to-end tracking for our customers to ensure quality satisfaction and timely deliveries. Our after-sales services provide your projects with comprehensive protection, including equipment maintenance, replacement parts, troubleshooting, and more.


Engineering Consultation

We provide professional consulting services, including but not limited to project strategy, equipment selection, and project budget design. GSS engineering teams have provided engineering project consulting for hundreds of clients globally in cereals, oils and foodstuffs, brewing, grain storage and logistics, and other industries.


Engineering Design

Our engineers and technical teams provide thorough design strategies, including equipment layout, process flow, pipeline design, and more. With GSS’ global resources, as well as 20 years of engineering experience, we will design the right engineering solution for your needs.


Project Optimization

We provide a variety of plan options for our customers and continuously optimize them based on customer feedback and project conditions to deliver the optimal project solution.


Equipment Installation

We provide our customers with on-site hardware installation services to ensure successful installment adherent to design specifications. We also carry out strict equipment and installation inspections so your hardware meets your expectations.


On-Site Supervision

We provide our customers with on-site guidance services to help you master equipment operation and maintenance. We also provide professional technical support to ensure smooth equipment operations.


Training Services

GSS training services include equipment operation, maintenance, and more. Our tailor-made training programs will ensure mastery over equipment handling and upkeeping, based on your needs and project conditions.


Equipment Maintenance

Our equipment maintenance services include equipment upkeep, inspection, repair, and more. We routinely conduct these maintenance services to ensure long-term smooth operation for our equipment.


Component Replacement

We provide component replacement services to keep your equipment up and running. We use OEM parts so your equipment retains maximum productivity and supreme quality.



GSS troubleshooting services include fault diagnosis, malfunction management, and more. We provide rapid troubleshooting responses so that your equipment can resume production as possible.


Service Response

Our 24-hour customer service hotlines are ready to provide swift and timely responses to your service needs.


Spare Parts

Our extensive stocks of OEM spare parts aim to preserve your equipment’s original quality, extend equipment lifespan, and minimize downtime. Our service technicians conduct speedy installations and maintenance with high effectiveness to enhance economic benefits.

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