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Cone Bottom Reclaimers

Designed with dependability

Easily-accessible drive components located outside of the material

Zere-entry storage and reclamation of hard-to-handle materials


The hydraulically powered cone-bottom reclaim system has been designed with minimal moving mechanical parts to keep maintenance low.

Motors and drive components are located outside of the material for material for easy inspection and service.

The cone-bottom reclaim system utlizes an auger that undercuts the material in the bottom of the silos. This helps create mass flow in the silo and also promotes first-in-first-out material handing.

The cone-bottom reclaim auger is driven by an efficient direct drive hydraulic motor maximizing durability and reliability. Its smooth, low-vibration operation is effective at reclaiming material in the silo.

Optional Accessories

The reclaim auger can be configured with replaceable cups or knives for aggressive reclaiming in fibrous or sticky materials.

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