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Batch Grain Dryers

GSS BD series is newly developed for grain drying with high efficiency, low consumption and good quality after drying, which is suitable for small and medium-sized drying volume users.

Low Temperature

Low temperature operation protects the seed quality.
The operator can adjust the temperature of the dryer according to the different requirements of the grain being dried. Even drying cross thin grain column with temperature protects grain qulity, reducing stress of the grain.

Multi-fuel Availability

Steam, natural gas, oil, biomass and electrically driven heat pump.

Automation & Intelligence

User-friendly operation PlC control system with HMI touchscreen with the paraments of dryer operation fully displayed on the screen. The control system is self-diagnosing and provides text messaging to the operator for controls,alarms and remote control.



Grinding-resistant lining for key parts
Integrated dust collecting system
Equipped with observation section and maintenance section

Drying Layer

Cross-flow drying principle
Quality galvanized sheet
Split mounting structure

Driven Section

Hex shaft based discharging rollers
Stable and reliable running with chain drive

Bottom-discharging system

Twin screws to receive material
UHMW wear resistant liner

Safety protection design

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