Enclosed Belt Conveyors Featured Image

Enclosed Belt Conveyors

Low Energy Consumption

Single roller & trouble-free design


Dust accumulation & clogging free

Fully Enclosed

Environmentally friendly & no dust escape


Head Section

Head pulley with removable SOFR lagging provides wear resistant,oil resistant, flame retardant, antistatic properties
Self-centering drum pulley
PTFE infill shaft seal

Through Section

Anti-static UHMW bottom liners(10mm thick)
Ridge top cover plate for harden strength
Idler roller bearing located outside of casing
Movable idler roller shaft

Tail Section

Winged pulley reduce damage to material lagging and accumlation of materials
Tail pulley equipped with plough type sweep structure


The "Buffered feed hopper" (GSS Patent) minimizes material impact on belt, reduces roller wear and material spills.
Easy maintenance with quick opening inspection doors.


Proprietary idler roller feature low resistance & good balance for smooth operation.

Optional Accessories

Fiber optic tempering system

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