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Process Dryers

The operator can adjust the temperature of the dryer according to the different requirements of the grain being dried. Low temperature technology provides an effective protection for grain quality, and reduced stress of the grain.

Outside Tempering

Single drying time is about 20-30 minutes per pass. An integral forced cooling or external cooling according to the difference of grain features. The external tempering system utilizes separate individual tempering bins to give the most flexible operating system.

Less Maintenance, Long Life

The GSS Process Dryer incorporates galvanized all weather enclosure without requiring additional buildings or enclosures.

Low Drying Cost

The GSS Process Dryer is designed with multi-fuel availability, such as steam, natural gas, oil, biomass and electrically driven heat pump. The drying air temperature is consistantly controlled for accuracy. This is important for maintaining consistant grain quality, and an efficient use of heat can also decrease the drying costs.


Screen Settling chamber

Full enclosed design prevents dust from exhausting into environment.
Modular galvanized construction.

Dual inlet, non-overloading centrifugal Blowers

Galvanized Enclosure

LCD Touch Screen operator interface

Standard Safety protection

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